Two naughty housewives fool around during a workout

These two best friends made a new year’s resolution to get in shape. Their daily workout starts like every other workout, with some stretching, and  they like to do their workouts live on cam, naked and horny. These are probably the best mature cams. Except for today they clearly have something else besides working out on their mind. As they are stretching they begin getting touchy feely, helping each other stretch a little further than the day before.

The ladies both finally abandon their stretching and fully strip down. The young slut goes first, having her way with the cougar, licking her from ass to pussy. Once the cougar cums to the point her legs are quivery, it’s her turn to show the young slut how it’s done. The cougar tongues the young slut’s asshole, driving her wild. The couple continues taking turns going down and pleasuring each other, they decide to scissor and rub their pussies together till they cum simultaneously.

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